#Web3 Weekly
#Web3 Weekly

Jan. 17-23, 2021

A brief, enthusiastic podcast pick to get started this time:

Ex-Facebooker Anthony Pompliano just did an excellent episode in which he interviews programmer Isaiah Jackson about bitcoin's potential to economically empower Black America.

Based on private conversations, I know this is a topic of interest to several readers of this newsletter as well. So I definitely want to call it to your attention.

In their 30-minute talk, which you can check out here, "Pomp" and Isaiah cover a lot of ground about bitcoin as a solution to redlining in traditional finance, deflation vesus inflation, and more. Plus they drop a couple of killer quotes, like this one:

"F!#@ the banks."

Well, then! 😂 On to the rest of the week's news:

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— Peter A. McKay

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